OI percentage calculation

Hi Sujit,

In the live market data, there is OI, dayHighOpenInterest and dayLowOpenInterest

How do we calculate the % change in OI??

The % change in OI that we see everywhere, for ex on NSE...

Please help.
  • Matti
    Hey @stocksigma

    The calculation has been explained here. On the same note, I'd also like to mention that using the live OI in your strategy probably isn't a good idea. Why is explained here.
  • stocksigma
    Hi Nikhil, Thanks, could you please point me to some good strategies you know of where people have been successful... right now i'm exploring few strategies based on rsi,adx and volume, but none of them have been consistent.
  • Matti
    Ah... That wouldn't be something I would be able to suggest to you. A successful strategy takes time and testing. You need to see what works for you and stick to it. Check out this module on Varsity for more.
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