Bracket Order Problem -- Issue there for too long

Please below orders of my bracket order check here...
Parent Order Id:180319000561136 -- Executed
Target Order Id:180319000561138 -- Executed
stoploss order id:180319000561139 -- Executed
More Details
180319000561136 10:31:02 NIITTECH NSE BUY 2 / 2 903 BO COMPLETE <--- Entry Order
180319000561138 10:47:46 NIITTECH NSE SELL 2 / 2 896.3 BO COMPLETE <--- First Exit Order
180319000561139 11:36:07 NIITTECH NSE SELL 2 / 2 883 BO COMPLETE <--- Second Exit Order
This has resulted in open interest instead of stock being exited.

This isssue has been there since times immemorial there are times when both target and stoploss orders of the <b <ul>

class="Bold">bracket orders get executed. Normally when target is triggered stoploss shouldnt and when stop loss gets triggered target shouldnt. It has been seen so many times almost 1 order every 2 days.

Besides whats worst is here.. when such a thing happens you cant even exit the bracket order now... as when you try to exit there is nothing to exit. So you are at mercy of the market which could erode your high exposure capital in like no time. Further asking call center to exit it for you as it is a bug the quitely charge you call and trade charges for no fault of yours.

Thats not the end of the story, what they do is put a mis order reverse of your position so there by you should have margins available for doing so and all your double margins then gets stuck e meaning you cant trade whole day if you are relying on bracket order trading leveraging the margins.

And if you let it be as it is leaving at mercy of the market and having survive all the market then you get charged for auto trade off 3:20pm. exiting all your open positions.

Plese do not delete the post... WIthout replying.
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