session expiry

i have my token saved in database.
and i am trying to run two java functions running separately and using one token. whenever i call kiteconnect.generateSession second time, i am getting session expired message. is it expected behaviour?
  • pranksterguru
    stupid of me to confuse between request_token and access_token

    i saw the documentation and webeminar.. it doesnt show the full URL for /session/token.. is it

    i saw the webeminar .. it shows the example in python.. where is the method in java to request for access_token ?

  • pranksterguru
    got the accesstoken and i have sent it to the class also.. but still the webhook is catching session expired
  • pranksterguru
    you may close this thread.

    solution is , if i am hitting manually to get access token, i dont have to call the generate session method.

    i had problem while calling generate session method. however it doesnt matter now because i am manually generating the access token
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