Limitations on the performance/scaling of the kite connect API for downloading live data

After going through the various threads and the documentation, I have still not been able to get a complete picture of the performance capabilities of the kite connect API. So I'm creating this thread. Part of the issue is that the performance keeps on improving and so the earlier threads become irrelevant.

As of today, can the members please provide the answers to the following:
how many instruments can be subscribed per KiteConnect API call (from what I understand after reading the messages, it is 500 which is up from 200 in 2017)
how many requests per second can be handled by a kite connect API(from what I understand after reading the messages, it is 3 requests per second)
how many kite connect API can I use per account (I have not got a clear answer to this)
the reason I'm asking is this: can I have multiple processes with the same session key for the same user account running simultaneously and downloading data? If so, then I can potentially have five processes, each downloading 500 instruments per kite connect API . Which would mean that I can actually download 2500 instruments for a single zerodha account.

I was looking to run options strategies but for that I need to download the options data. The number of instruments for options can become quite large because of the various strike prices for a single underlying stock. At the same time, I would be inclined to think that the zerodha will place restrictions on subscribing to instruments from a single account to prevent stress on their systems. So what is the maximum number of instruments that I can download

Thank you for any answers
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