Which are the parameter to make the strategies to make order.


Like we have a requirement that in the Nifty50 candle chart if it meets the condition of RSI, ADX & PSAR than we will initiate an order for Buy/Sell. So how do I check that RSI, ADX & PSAR meets as per my need using kite API?

So I got a comment from a person that,

"Kite Connect only provides library methods to place orders. We need to write all our strategies at our end which will trigger placing orders."

But to make the strategies at our end we need to know where this parameter has to pass where or where is facility to put the condition to make the staragies.

In case of auto trading on certain condition only we will buy/sell order will request. So i wanted to know which are the parameter will helps us to do the auto trading.

Give a brief answer or support to us because of the way we are getting the support or answer it makes us more confusion.Or provide a support number we will clear our doubt in a single shot.

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