Creating a new app

I had some queries regarding this app creation:
  1. What is an app? can i not just request data through R and then run my program to buy/sell equity stocks/F&O?
  2. What is the difference between Connect and Publisher type of apps? what can i do/cannot do with these type?
  3. What kind of data will i have access to with these types? do both give access to historical data?
  4. is there a limitation to the number of buy/sells that i can do with 1 app? what is the benefit of making multiple apps?
  5. what is the redirect url and the postback url?
  6. is it rs 2000 per app? or can i make multiple apps with one payment of Rs 2000?
  • Imran
    Not an expert to advise...but here is my view*

    1.App is zerodha panel where you will define your credentials such as client is, redirect URL, name..etc and you will be given a API key and secret for it
    Sentinel, coin, Streak are all app.. zerodha needs you to make an app to proceed further

    2.using kite connect you make the core program
    Using publisher you get to know order status*

    3. Zerodha API monthly 2000 gives live tick data
    Zerodha historical add on 2000 monthly gives ohlc data 1,3,5,15,60 ... minutes and day ohlc

    4. You can place as many orders you want with 1 app.
    Benefits of multiple app: you can run multiple strategies simultaneously

    5. Redirect URL is where we get our access token.

    6. 2000 rs per app..

  • Imran
    For more concepts check out my YouTube channel...
    Full tutorial how to Algo Trade using kite connect and Streak
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