Execution logic implementation

For limit orders which are not hit,is there any execution logic at server end?For example if the limit order is not hit on 185.20 I can specify that I can accept maximum .05 slippage,so the order is executed @185.25.

Currently I don't see anything like this,is something like this on the cards?
  • Kailash
    @gully Will SL-M orders work?
  • gully
    Here take an scenario without my execution logic proposal
    I fire limit order to buy/short a scrip and wait for callback(webhook).
    I am checking for 2 seconds.No callback.I realize that price has moved up.
    I fire another order ,this time Market Order -I don't want to miss the trade
    Just after firing Market order,the previous limit order gets executed.

    Just a typical race problem.How is this taken care?(not sure hence asking)

    With execution logic at server side,within the API I mention properties to allow Kite server to execute my trade first at limit order.If that fails within few sec, it will try again with 5paisa slippage(as mentioned by the user) ,if that fails too ,then it will execute at Market Price.

    With this way not only the race condition can be avoided also the execution would be fast without client's headache whether the order is executed or not.
  • Kailash
    You will have to code this at your end. Wait for the webhook for X seconds and then do a status check on the order. If it hasn't triggered, you'll have to cancel the order and re-send another.
  • gully
    Ok ..its feasible only a lot of time would be accounted at the user end,considering the limit order fails again and again.
    I understand this is not on the cards right now,but any plans of this on the road ahead?
  • Kailash
    @gully I am afraid it's not on the cards as of now.
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