backtesting module developement

is there already a backtesting module develped in kite?
are there any freelancer developer who have created backtesting module ?
regards and thanks
pranit bagadia
  • rjv17
    I did one last month. I am using it for live trading since 3 weeks.
  • pranit0405
    HI RJV17
    can u share some insight on how to develop the module ?

    regards and thanks
    pranit bagadia
  • rjv17
    I have developed it in python. What are you looking for? Just the overview ?
  • rishiajmera
    I am a freelance developer.
    Please send me more details on [email protected]
    Here is the link to my profile.

    Rishi A.
  • suraj3003

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  • vihan13singh

    I'm Vihan Singh, founder & CEO at Blackrose Technologies. We're a quantitative derivatives trading firm operating in the Indian markets. Our team can help you with development, testing, risk management and deployment of your algorithmic strategy on a variety of platforms (Zerodha, UpStox, IB, Oanda, SaxoBank etc.)

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