historical data restriction 3 calls per second

hi all
if i want to call 1000 instruments 1 minute data every minute, its not being possible .
as kite is allowing only 3 calls per second,
each call is each instrument
so it means only historical data for past data ,
and for live data web socket data should be converted to candles ,

pls advise
thanks in advance
  • shortwire
    If you need to call that many instruments with the throughput that you are expecting, I am assuming you are using it for live(actual trading) or forward testing. In that case, historical data is not the way to go. When your application comes up, lets say 9:00 AM in the morning, let it query historical for all the 1000 instruments giving proper time gap using any standard design pattern like leaky bucket. This would ensure by 9:15 you have stock's previous candles. Now when 9:15 starts, we would need to start the websocket and allow it to create the candles on the fly from the tick data and append this candle data to the previously got data from the historical candles and let it run like this for the course of the day. That way, you get best of the both.
  • pranit0405

    yes this is the plan
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