Hi Friends,
Basically I am a developer, have knowledge in Python. I am doing manual trading with another broker. I came to know that zerodha come up with Automation trading using python. I am requesting you to please let me know the steps I need to follow to automate my strategy including account how to get permission from exchange(I used to trade in MCX) etc.
  • dadu369
    dadu369 edited September 2018
    @radharani1306 You need to first sign up for Kite Connect by paying its fees.

    Then check docs to get more idea regarding KiteConnect library of various languages.

    But the most important thing is that you should have a strategy that can be coded.
  • Imran
    Go through this webinar
  • radharani1306
    currently I am trading in MCX only and I would like to automate my strategy using python to trade automatically, but I came to know that fully-automated trading by retail traders is not allowed by the exchanges in India.

    Is this fully automated trading platform, I mean without our intervention does this platform allow to execute our own strategy.
  • Imran
    Using kiteconnect we can program such that it can fully automate our Trading no human intervention will be needed for full trading sessions. (We just need to login once a day ..login automation is not allowed)
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