Want to link trading view chart to Zerodha for Auto buy/sell

Hi Team, I have a proprietary strategy coded in pine script language and back tested in trading view platform.However, the strategy generates buy and sell levels accordingly for nifty futures. I shall want the same to be linked and automated with zerodha kite/pi so that whenever a buy/sell signal is generated in Trading view chart platform i want the trade to be executed in zerodha. Please let me know how can i achieve this.
  • Imran
    Hii @manzoor1990
    Trading view cannot be directly connected with kiteconnect.
    But the strategy can be coded in kiteconnect thus getting same signals as trading view and also orders can be automated according to signal
  • manzoor1990
    Imran - thanks for the quick response, please share me your contact details so that we can have a discussion on how to proceed further.
    or give me a call on +91-8880888591
  • krtrader
    I have automated multiple strategies for my personal use and some for clients, running successfully on aws cloud server.

    Call me on 8105151555 if you are interested to automate your logic
  • ravibelkhindi
    Can you recommend python library for technical indicator data, ta library is not giving me accurate result when compared with chart
  • sohambanik
    hi @manzoor1990,
    You have mentioned that you are using nifty futures chart in Tradingview. I can't find any any futures chart for NSE in Tradingview. How do I get futures data in TradingView? any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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