Any way to get candle data or recent tick data directly from kite connect API

rvsw edited October 2018 in Market data (WebSockets)

I have a subscription to the kiteconnect API and I usually build candles out of it it. However, sometimes, the kite connect API fails during the day I miss downloading some part of the data. Is it possible that I can get candles or recent tick data(perhaps only for that specific day or for say, an hour prior to the current hour) using the kiteconnect API . Even if I can get candles or data at the end of the day for that particular day it will be useful so that I can fix any problems in the tick data I accumulated.

Please advise. Thanks for any inputs
  • Imran
    Hii @rvsw
    You can subscribe to kiteconnect historical .
    Then you can get data for recent trading sessions and also historical data
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