Ninja Trader

hi all
i want to connect my ninja trader 7 to kite connect api.
i have very limited knowledge about language .
i think ninja trader is C# application so kite api based on .net/c# may help
but we have not ninja trader bridge to call kite

anyone if interested than i can pay him the desired fee also made a successful integration with ninja in 2016 but i think they have discontinue his service.
any person if they have thier old file than also be helpful so if possible please share
  • Imran
    Imran edited October 2018
    hii @shweta

    kiteconnect is in itself powerful enough to code all the strategies we need.
    rather than using any 3rd party software for trading we can use kiteconnect.
    Also learning to code it not that difficult aslo..

    try getting started here.
  • shweta
    thanks for the videos
    but i need to connect kite to ninja trader. as far as my strategies concern it is depend upon auction data so it can't be automatized only discretion based approach will work . in ninja i also use 3rd party order flow software so
    anyone please help me to kite connect ninja trader bridge
  • henit_21
    Hi @ Shweta,

    Did you connected successfully to kite with Ninjatrader8? If "yes" then what was approximate cost for it?

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