Sandbox Environment or Test Account

i am in the process or opening account with Zerotha to do Algo trading. do you have a sandbox environment or a test id that i can use untill then?
since this deals with money and your APIs are almost new, i think you guys need to provide test id or dev environment.
  • Kailash
    @pranksterguru A sandbox is on the cards but it'll take some time (technical limitations) unfortunately.

    You can test most of the API with 0 balance still though (just that orders won't get executed).
  • xameeramir
    I suggest you should use this as the test environment
  • heisenBerger
    Hi @xameeramir can we use it with python API as well? And if yes, can you please pinpoint how to change the API endpoint as mentioned on the website?
  • xameeramir
    xameeramir edited November 2019
    @heisenBerger The sandbox simply mocks the Zerodha Kite and Coin REST APIs. It's like interacting with any other REST APIs. So it's independent of any type of language. There are no specific steps for any specific language. Use the same endpoint for any language.
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