Difference in OHLC Data

when i query OHLC data by
at 09:15 data coming as

but when i see CandleStick data in Zerodha Kite android app for 1 minute the data coming as
O: 8,936.80 H: 8,936.80V: 0C: 8,913.85L: 8,913.60D: 09/09 09:15

Can you why there is difference in the price for Open and High ??
  • Kailash
    @jana1234 There may be a slight discrepancy because on the chart, candles are formed live every second.
  • jana1234
    I was calculating Hekin Ashi data for 5 mins duration for 9.9.2016 and compare with
    Zerodha Kite App graph data..
    So much diffrenece in the signals given by both.

    which data is correct?
  • Matti
    @jana1234 Both sets of data are correct. How? Well, all charting platforms are driven by data which is basically a 1 second snapshot data (unless you have spent a few lakhs to get that TBT data). So if I am looking at a 5 min chart, there could have been thousands of ticks in that 5 mins, but the charting platform would be able to recognize only a few hundred. And using those few hundred ticks, 1 Open, High, low and close points are chosen to plot the candle. So these few hundred points recognized, and the 4 points (OHLC) could very easily be different from one platform to another. Read more.
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