The timestamp for orders API is incorrect

I am using NodeJS library to get orders. It seems that all the orders returned by this API have wrong ISO date formatted timestamps. e.g. "2019-01-06T23:30:57.000Z". This was returned for the order placed at 11:30 PM. The correct value should have been 5:30 hours earlier i.e. "2019-01-06T18:00:57.000Z".

I have noticed this regression in the past few times and each time based on what API was returning I adjusted the date formatting on my app side. API need to be consistent and should send the correct ISO date timestamp not the indian timestamp that it is now sending.
  • enliyo
    I noticed that my VM timezone was reverted to UTC date. After setting correct timezone as IST to VM server, I see correct dates being returned. It seems that Kite Connect JS module was doing the date formatting itself.

    Please consider this as not an issue.
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