Bracket Order (BO) parameters

how to use trailing_stoploss

getting exception {"status": "error", "message": "Invalid trailing_stoploss", "error_type": "InputException"}"


"{"status": "error", "message": "Please select Valid Sqr Off Ticks", "error_type": "OrderException"}"
  • razzobull
    To the Zerodha team - Tell us what should be the stop loss should we give in Ticks or Absolute value.
    And how should we give the values, it's not documented in the API doc list. I know you guy are working hard on it and there are many small micro stuffs left. It will be really helpful if you give us the resolution soon.
  • Kailash
    @razzobull We're pushing some major upgrades (updated documentation + historical data API in the next 2 days). This update will cover BOs.
  • razzobull
    Next two day can we expect before Monday!
  • razzobull
    Kailash it's more than two days when can we have the newer version of the document. We have a major release pending for this!
  • Kailash
    Apologies. The documentation is updated.
  • abhishek01
    We are trying to place a BO order here is the sample payload:


    But we are getting that order is rejected. Could you help us, the documentation is not providing input.

    The stoploss and squareoff value is given in ticks because when we sent actual value the order was not accepted and asked us to submit stop loss, square off and trailing stoploss value in ticks. Now we get an order id but it is rejected. Can you send a working sample.
  • scg84
    Even i got my order rejected saying, Cannot plac BO orders. It seems BO orders are still not live using Kit Api.
  • Kailash
    We're investigating this with the OMS team.
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