Incorrect option prices on market close for /quote and /positions

I have been noticing this issue since many days. The option prices after market closes are not matching with the prices shown on NSE website. When market closes at 3:30 PM the prices are in sync but after many hours probably on next day most probably before market open it seems that /positions and /quote API have the same problem. In fact Kite App had the same problem but recently it seems that they have fixed it on their apps.

eg. HDFCB Mar 2060 PE API returns last_price as 23.85 whereas NSE website shows 25.45 that is whopping 400 rupees difference per lot. My position was profitable by 450 but now shows loss of 350, that is 800 rupees of miscalculation.

Why APIs suffer from this problem and Kite app do not?

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