LTP() unabe to fetch last traded price

Please resolve it asap. Every Monday can't be an issue with Zerodha.

  • Jegan
    either monday we should not trade with zerodha, it becomes known issues every monday , its time to switch to other brokerage counter.:(
  • enliyo
    The regression like this is not acceptable. I went through my code and see if this was caused due to my code changes during market hours! The live prices are coming through only ticker but that doesn't help the case.

    Please improve your QE process, the real customers are not QE for all the regressions caused by you on weekends.
  • nikhil154
    yes , ltp is delayed or rather not working properly . Pls check
  • krishmetra
    Zerodha's Monday blues continues to hurt the traders. I had to loose 12K as the api failed to work today morning. A small bug in your system can cause a big hole in trader's portfolio. Sooner or later we have to add one more column in our P&L statement. "Losses occurred due to kite connectivity issues".
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