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Hi All,

I am a non-techie with a very simple requirement. Hope someone can guide me in the right direction...

I want to plot real-time charts of sectors or group of stocks and build alerts based on that.

For example, I may create a group called "Aviation", which would have Jet Airways and Indigo stocks in it. I would like to see the intraday chart for this group. Likewise, I would like to create alerts on this group- so, if the group goes up 1%, I would like to get some pop-up or some kind of alert.

Can someone please guide me exactly how this can be accomplished?

  • mr_karan
    mr_karan edited May 30
    This can be achieved using Sentinel. On Sentinel, you can create an Advanced Trigger. You can use the function DayChangePercent and combine multiple stock conditions with it. You can also attach this trigger condition to a basket of orders, which can be executed with a single click when the trigger condition is satisfied.
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