Websocket data for day start does not match the 15 minutes candle graphs on market watch


I am trying to use Zerodha websocket and Zerodha charts from the market watch for 15 minutes candle. I realized that the websocket is missing some ticks (which is expected based on what I saw in other tickets). However the 15 minutes chart also shows incorrect information. To show an example I used 15 minutes candle data and websocket data for BANKNIFTY JUN Futures 2019.

The specific first tick of the data I got from websocket is:
Tick Timestamp: 2019-05-21T09:15:32+0530
Tick Last traded Time: 2019-05-21T09:15:29+0530
Tick LTP: 30938.7
Tick High: 31130
However when I see the graph on market watch for the first candle of the data i.e 21st May 2019 the high is:
Is this difference expected? Given that the tick data for the beginning of the day already has a high > than your first tick is an indication that you have missed some ticks and could be captured by the graph. Is it possible for this discrepancy to be fixed?

I noticed in one of the other response: https://tradingqna.com/t/why-is-ohlc-data-different-on-live-charts-and-marketwatch/16528/3 you call out that such a difference is expected. However given that this difference is deducible from the first tick, it could be fixed.

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