Top Gainers And Losers

is there any way of retrieving top gainers and lose from market start time to request time .
  • Imran
    hii @kiranMaya

    there is not a direct api call for gainer and losers...
    it can be done as follows.
    1. get the quotes for the group you want to find gainer and looser.
    2. place them in a data structure and then sort it.
  • kiranMaya
    currently i am scanning last day top gainers and looser and some other new stock arises end of the day .
    nse is providing top gainers in their site ,scrapping data from it is not a good practice ,im looking for ideas of obtaining those data.
  • pawan
    @kiranMaya: Try this json API's, for Gainers & Losers
  • ZI4453
    my suggestion is to not to mess up with NSE,even scraps its data and displays as header...
  • kiranMaya
    Where I can find dyna connect api from nse,where did you find that json links.
    Searched in google,but no results.
  • ZI4453
    @kiranMaya , thats not link which will is for humans to read..
    Thats internal link for populating the tables in nse websites. Any automated calls to "that" NSE link can easily be picked up by NSE servers,their TOS states not to scrap any data from their websites.
  • jinalpatelcsoft
    So if we use that json file will be safe ?
  • kiranMaya
    not safe , use some proxy php to get json ,
    From chrome developer stools ,you see all json urls ,almost all data is trough json in nse
  • hitman1980
    If u r getting feed from zerodha API than y would u need top gainers and losers from NSE website? U can easily calculate tht using the code ..
  • pawan
    @hitman1980 : Can you plz elaborate on your above statement about how you'll calculate NSE top gainers & losers using code ?
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