BO order API

Looked around the documentation and could not find a suitable reference. Any tips will be appreciated!

- I understand placing a BO order, everything works great.
- When it comes to modifying a BO order, the documentation has two parameters that one can modify, 'price' and 'trigger_price'.
- What is the difference between the two?
- My aim is: Suppose my BO was placed at 100 Rs with squareoff at 2. I would like to be able to modify the BO and exit at 101. That would mean modifying the BO and updating the 'price' OR 'trigger_price'.
- Which do i update? 'price' OR 'trigger_price'?

  • themohammedfaisal
    The Price and Trigger Price are for the entry leg of the BO order(You can use enter into a BO position using Limit and SL order types)
    Modifications to the stop-loss and target need to be passed on using the stoploss and squareoff fields explained in the documentation.
    How BO orders works is explained in this article on the Support Portal.
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