pass LTP in bracket order as price in kite 3 using python

let say i am placing Bracket order as follows:

order_id =kite.place_order(tradingsymbol="INFY",exchange="NSE",quantity=1,transaction_type="BUY",
order_type="LIMIT",price=710,squareoff=1,stoploss=3, variety='bo',product='MIS')

in the above parameters i want to pass price=ltp which is obtained from kite.ltp("NSE:INFY").

can any one give suggestion or code.
  • Imran
    Imran edited July 12
    hii @kpbcl08
    this can be used
    ltp = kite.quote(["NSE:INFY"])["NSE:INFY"]['last_price']
    kite.place_order(tradingsymbol="INFY",exchange="NSE",quantity=1,transaction_type="BUY",order_type="LIMIT",price=ltp,squareoff=1,stoploss=3, variety='bo',product='MIS')
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