why my SL got filled

yesterday , i placed a BO order using python kite. around 2 pm my target got filled and i would have expected my trade to get closed there and SL order to get canceled .

instead of that my SL order created a new order and that order opened a new position.
that position got sqd of with MIS order placed by auto sqoff at 3:26 and that gave me an overnight position with order type MIS.

my account balance usage was for full overnight position.

can you explain why this behaviour became possible in your platform .
i have all order list extracted from kite.orders let me know if you need any info.

thanks & regards
  • themohammedfaisal
    When your target order got hit, you were sending too many modification requests at the same time for the stop-loss order due to which the order couldn't be canceled. The stop-loss order got hit too and a fresh position was created which was then auto squared-off post 3.20 PM.
    You could limit the number of modifications you send to your existing orders to avoid this.
  • itsram90
    thanks , this explains, i solved it by writing a method which estimates the change request and passes it to kite only if change qualifies to be useful

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