Computing/Hardware and ISP Specs

Greetings Algo traders- I would like to get some feedback for deploying my Algo in local desktop/Laptop..
Python backend for data processing & firing orders, I am sure there will be not any issues to read data/firing orders
i am more interested in issues faced like below :smiley:
We might max can deal with 400-600 scrips in day, what processing power do we need to process data from websockets?
hardware requirements like processor,RAM SSD/HDD
Minimum net speed for smooth transactions
back up options in case our desktop/laptop screws up
Anti "Over firing" orders
Deploying Master Kill mode(shutting down whole algo) in case anything goes wrong
if not desktop is hosting algo in webserver is feasible?
i really appreciate if anyone of you provide some tips or hiccups which you faced when deployed locally.. this will help me and cut down my testing time......
  • rishiswethan
    Host it in a web server. Any disruptions in your ISPs internet connection or your hardware can cause you to lose more money than what you pay for on servers. On hardware requirements, since I don't know about your scripts, see what's the most amount of resources consumed at peak times, get atleast 10% to 30% more than that
  • ZI4453
    @rishiswethan thanks for your tips.. sure will consider that........
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