"Invalid `api_key` or `access_token`."

nikcar edited July 2019 in PHP client
I have used the current Php client on github
I perform the following steps
1. Get the login URL (1st function)
<i class="Italic">public function loginlive1() {
$kite = new Kiteconnect("xxxxx");
$url = $kite->getLoginURL();

2. Login to kite
3. Get Request token
4. Set access token (2nd function)
<i class="Italic">public function loginlive2() {
$kite = new Kiteconnect("xxx");
$user = $kite->generateSession("xxx", "xxx");

5. Get positions (3rd funtion)
<i class="Italic">public function index() {
$kite = new Kiteconnect("xxx");
After performing all the previous steps successfully I get the following error
"Invalid `api_key` or `access_token`."

Please assist
  • tonystark
    You should call $kite->setAccessToken($user->access_token); before $kite->getPositions()

    You will have to store access token inside a database(recommended) or in a file and use that for subsequent calls.
  • nikcar
    Thanks worked for me.
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