i want to learn python for algarithamic trading.anyone please helpme how to write code using python

hi iam a new person to coding, i want to learn python for algarithamic trading.anyone please help me how to write code using python,
is there any clases to learn python for algarithamic trading.
  • ZI4453
    There are plenty of courses available online,may i know your programming experience so i can suggest you the best one?
  • viswanadhpratap
    i din't have any programming experiance before
  • ZI4453
    @viswanadhpratap - this is not to discourage you but its harcode truth.

    Programming is actually easy if you know why you need a program ,if you know why you need it you will figure out something or some ways to finish programming,
    Working on live data involves little of bit of higher concepts in internet or at least data transfers between client-server,
    You need to have basic understanding of order flow from client desk to Exchange server,
    You need to have some basic understanding of DB , if you are not looking for any strategies then DB knowledge is not must,
    Apart from this involves stratagies and lot more .. Depending on your time and dedication this is actually to start with ..
    You can very well start with Python , try scrapping websites first. you will understand how to use requests. if you master scrapping i am sure Kite should be easier...
    Best of luck-There is no best tutorial for someone who wants to learn from scratch. If you are dedicated even a 40 page pdf can teach you more than you need to know...
  • tahseen
    If you think about what you want to do before learning programming, you will get frustrated and feel helpless. First learn programming, without think about programming and trading together
  • kbkvadivel
    Call me @ 7010003495, i can develop algo codes end to end
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