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hey i know this platform is for kite suggestion. but because sentinel do not have their own suggestion platform i had to write here. Till two days ago, on sentinel when you write ticker name, it automatically write down the current ticker price in value section. And now i don't know why but it stops! and it may sound like little issue but when it is about consuming as little time as possible while you update ticker alert, it becomes the huge factor.
So if developers are reading this comment then please do something about it! there might be many traders facing the same. If you can do something about it, it would be a great help to me and many other traders.
  • mr_karan
    mr_karan edited September 2019
    Yes, the ticks on Sentinel are not update live as this platform is open for all and exchange regulations prevent from showing real time data to non customers. Although, on Sentinel you can get the data for the stock at that instant of you clicking the stock name.

    Also, please note this forum is meant only for Kite developer APIs discussions, please refrain from posting any OT discussions. For further inquiry you can always write to support :smile:
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