Max allowed order limit reached

hii ,
I am facing "maximum allowed order request exceeded", but I don't see 2000 orders fired into account (only 12 orders placed ). Screenshot attached.

  • Imran
    somebody suggested I should look at the api logs.
    1. how do I access api logs
    2. even if 2000_orders will show up on api logs then why 2000_orders is not showing in order book.
    Thanks in advance
  • ZI4453
    please review you order book.. you should get clarity ...
  • Imran
    in orderbook it is showing only 12 orders are placed...
    so how was Max allowed order limit reached reached
  • ZI4453
    Did you try to use new token?
    can you please check if those 12 orders were fired in single second ?
    Did you try to fire another order ?
    Did you check if any orders(raw data from API Query) are in "Pending" or "New " state ?

    if nothing on above then its something to be done by OMS team.
  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited September 2019
    Only orders that hit our OMS will show up on the order book on Kite. It could be possible that your orders got rejected on the first level of validation. You can check your API logs to find these orders are rejections. Read more on such rejections here.
    Once you hit 2K of those orders requests, you will get rate limited for the day.
  • Imran
    hii @themohammedfaisal
    The problem is solved,
    My algo was pushing orders for invalid quantity ... as the code was in try-except block I was not able to see the reason. Thus exceeding order limit.
    A big thanks.
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