Python Kite Connect API - Getting parameters from Current 15 min bar and from Historical bars

I am planning to develop a Auto Trader using Kite Connect and Python.
How do I get the following using Python and Kite Connect?

- 5 min or 15 min candles from day start.

- OHLC ( Open is same ) for current candle at every tick. The Entry and Exit are based on the price at a tick satisfying the logic which is based on current and previous candle prices.

- Identifying n candles previous to the current forming candle.

- Identifying first candle of the day and its OHLC whenever the application starts within the trading period.

- Highest, Lowest, Highest Open and Highest Close prior to the current forming candle. Example : If the current 15min candle is 0 and there are n 15min candles before the current candle, the requirement is to get Highest, Lowest, Highest Open and Highest Close of these n candles.

In case there is any training that takes care of these in Python API, please suggest me.
  • ZI4453
    @knjana , API trading is too far from traditional trading,
    Are you the developer or you are using Programmers for it ?
    Reason is API dont actually need any candle as it deals with mere numbers/strategies(to make is simple it falls down to "If conditions") based on your programming.
  • knjana
    I am a developer and planning to develop a strategy based on a few past 5/15 min candles and the the current candle which is on the process of formation. My strategy is already working in MQL4 in back testing mode. I want to port that to Kite Connect API using Python.
  • Jigpylab

    you need to fit your strategy in module similar to attached file, let me know if need more help
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