What's the best way to place order at 9.15

Hi experts,

I want to execute orders in cash segment at market open. Two options can see:

1. Place Market order at 9.15 am
2. Wait for first tick from websockt and then place Limit order with tick price.

I haven't tried orders at orders at 9.15 so don't know much about slippages occures at market open time. While limit order is good but can be left open on some days.

Want suggestions who have experience in this.

  • krtrader
    krtrader edited October 2019
    I work with highly liquid stocks only
  • ZI4453
    ZI4453 edited October 2019
    9:15 is usually a blood bath ,
    Slippage comes between your hardware,ISP and your coding too... but
    if you still want to place orders try GET Quote Read market and finalize your decision,
    Opening price in first hour predictions are too far for Retail traders since we have very limited and little data to predict its movement,
    market order is your choice ,its upto you.
  • Vaga
    I had tried to place orders before the market open between 9-9.15am. Mostly Executed orders (most of the orders are rejected by zerodha) were in favourable price i.e., the opening price was below the executed price in case of sell.
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