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I want to create an automated strategy in which buy orders (double quantity of my current holding of stock) are placed automatically whenever price drops down by 10% than my average price of my holding and a loop is created.
  • RishiS
    Post a project in freelancer, if you want to do it yourself, try watching youtube videos related to kite API
  • Vaga
    @ayushrathod009 Wouldn't suggest averaging for non-performing stocks. However, you can explore to build strategy. You don't have to code.
  • Amit Ghosh
    Amit Ghosh edited October 2019
    However, You will be needing a VPS because of cron job.

    Its like

    y = last_buying_point
    z = quantity_i_already_have

    check LTP if less than y:
    buy the stock in z quantity
  • Jigpylab
    This can be easily coded in python and can run anonymously for multiple days in zerodha. You need to fetch you portfolio and place order based on specified condition. Let me know if i can help you have develop algo.
  • Srinivas217
    Hi... @jigpylab .....I have a strategy, for equity which is based on pivot points.
    can u pl help to code the strategy in python. Pl revert / comment. Thankyou.
  • itsram90
    @Srinivas217 its not that hard . if you have strategy in mind, you have already completed 75% of the work . for good quality development work i go to they have good people, also you can use their strategy from day 1
  • tahseen
    Honestly, 10% fall is a big fall. I wouldn't average at 10% fall and instead see what happened. I mean why would you want to further buy in a falling meteor ? Haven't you read what happened to people in Yes Bank ?

    After 10% fall any which way you have enough time to invest, you don't need programmatic trading for that
  • Vaga
    Agree with @tahseen. If you like a stock so much you can build an algorithm around it so that you exit when it is falling and buy back when it's rising. The moving average could be the simplest way to do it. There are many ways around it.
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