Stochastic Momentum Indicator (SMI) is giving different values

I am using SMI. But the values I calculate don't match with that of charts. I am using 1 minute chart.

I am also giving the link for the google sheet that has the calculation. Columns R & S have the results. Please take a look from Rows 12 - 31 (time from 09:25 - 09:45) . As the chart uses previous day data also, there will be deviation at 09:25. But it is only around 20 points. If I wait for another 10 minutes, i.e., take a look at values from 09:35, the values should almost be the same (they will differ by 2-3 points and that is fine for me). But the difference does not converge (The reason it should converge is the weightage of the value @ 09:24 decreases geometrically). This makes my algorithm not work.

If I use a plain Stochastic Indicator with smoothing applied, the values converge around 09:35.
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