Data Exception for "NIFTY BANK" only.

Dictionary quotes = kite.GetQuote(InstrumentId: new string[] { "NSE:NIFTY BANK"});

//Data Exception
Unable to parse data. {"instrument_token":260105,"tradingsymbol":"NIFTY BANK","timestamp":"2019-11-13 18:31:52","last_price":30541.55,"net_change":-574,"ohlc":{"open":31084.75,"high":31198.5,"low":30488.1,"close":31115.55}}
  • tonystark
    Hi @yrb,

    This seems to be a bug. Since Nifty Bank is an index instrument it doesn't have any buy/sell info. But Quote structure is trying to parse that. We will fix this in the next update.

    As a temporary fix, you can use the GetOHLC function to get details of index instruments.

    Thanks for reporting :smile:
  • yrb
    ok, thanks
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