JSON parsing error with retrieving orders

sunnylbk edited November 2019 in Go client
I am using golang kiteconnect API. I started to see an error today when trying to retrieve orders

base.HTTP: 2019/11/27 02:49:04 http.go:160: Error parsing JSON response: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go struct field Order.meta of type string

There hasn't been any change in the dependency or the code. It was working well at least until yesterday and today out of the blue it started to error out.

I have created a simple failing test
func TestGetOrders(t *testing.T) {
kc := kiteconnect.New(apiKey)
_, err := kc.GetOrders()
assert.Assert(t, err == nil, "Error not nil: %v", err)
This test doesn't pass.

Could someone provide an insight into why this is happening? It seems like an API change. If so, is there a place where such changes are published?
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