Algo trading

How to setup my algo trading platform.
  • Vaga
    Vaga edited November 2019
    @KISHOR_480 Can you elaborate more? Do you have your own code that you want to connect for live trading - like host it on the cloud and connect your user account with API? Or you want to build your strategies - you can use platforms like streak or and test out.
  • Jigpylab
    You can use python and kite api to setup your alog trading. Get the data from zerodha, do your calculations and place order. but its time to develop bug free and profitable algo. Let me know if you want to develop customized algo.
  • KISHOR_480
    Bearish Marubuzo with EMA (for short trades)

    A sell signal is generated when the following two conditions concur

    1) A crossover between 50 and 20 day EMA

    2) Open = High and Close = Low

    A buy signal is generated when the crossover occurs again, indicating the downtrend could be waning.

    Buy script

    Sell script
    SET A = REF(OPEN,1)
    SET B = REF(HIGH,1)
    SET C = REF(CLOSE,1)
    SET D = REF(LOW,1)

    What will be the Pithon coding and Backrest coding of above strategy for Algo Trading.
  • alpha_mu_rho
    hi, not sure if this is right forum to post. i want to build my own code that can do algo trading using Kite's API. Based on Zerodha's T&C it seems this is not allowed and fully automated trading needs approvals. However people here seem to be trading their own algos - can someone point me to a place where I can get started with this? Thanks!
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