When should i use Mysql databse

Hi all,
There are number of question i like to ask to fellow traders regarding the algo trading method, some of them are listed below
1) why and when should i use mysql databse, as much as i know mysql database is used for backtesting only can i use live tick data from database to place orders in realtime or not. i.e at first i'll transfer the tick data to database then from database i'll read the tick data and then according to my strategy i'll place the order.
2) weather the above mentioned process is fast or not.
3) what would be best and ideal way to get the ticks from zerodha and on them i use my strategy .
4)after a long month finally i was able to stream live data to excel sheet and thought of placing order from sheet, and further do the research on excel sheet, but to my amaze i found that tick data updation in excel is not fast or you can say there is lapse of few seconds in excel tick data updation, so totaly it let me down. so i need to know should i go for placing orders and everything to core python or should i stick to my excel sheet.
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