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Hi, I registered today and trying to invoke through java client. However method requestAccessToken (User user = kiteSdk.requestAccessToken("request_token", "your_apiSecret");) is not found. Instead am able to perform this using User user = kiteSdk.generateSession("request_token", "apiSecret"). Prior to this using the login URL with my API Key, I have validated my login and got the Request token. However I get exception "Token is Invalid" - what am I missing here ? Pl help
  • sivadorai
    Post some more analysis I found that the programmatic call to set Request Token post login validation, seems to be valid for 1 call only. After which it throws Token Exception. Anyhow I managed to execute ones and get the profile object printed.

    However going through login flow and generating Request Token everytime is not the obvious solution - what am I missing now ?
  • sivadorai
    Finally saw some of the older responses and solved this. One last query is - how long is the saved Access Token valid ? Can I use it all along or should I generate one everyday - that would be painful process ..

    Also the documentation needs to be updated else new entrants like me will be asking the same question - which other have encountered..Can this be fixed to save time for us..
  • tahseen
    @sivadorai Access tokens are expired everyday in the morning.

    Safe time to generate access token is everyday at 8:40am and you can keep using it whole day
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