RSI for Live market

I am trying to code RSI calculation by using Kite Connect API in live market. But I am not getting accurate result . I have used the formula given in Kite .
I need to know How it is being calculated in Kite platform

  • tahseen
    tahseen edited January 1
    on the link mentioned by you, it is using simple moving average where as ChartiQ uses exponential moving average
  • Somendra86
    Thanks, Tahseen
    Actually I am new in Python coding , Can you tell me from where can I get sample python code for calculating RSI in Live market.
  • tahseen

    Cannot understand what do you mean by live market ?

    You want a code that captures ticks and also calculates RSI on that tick basis ? If so, then I don't know where can such custom requirement be available over the internet
  • Somendra86
    Live market means between 9:15 am to 3:30 pm , ticks which will come in given time range.
    I have already coded for getting the tick data .
    What I am doing is , I am fetching the data from ticks and inserting into my sql server database
    this is being done in one python file .I another file I am fetching data from database and assigning it into pandas dataframe and then applying RSI function for calculating values .
    Is this way is correct or not ?
    If not just tell me correct way to do that.
    I think now my Question is clear.
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