Cover Order Getting Rejected

rajarshi edited January 2020 in PHP client
Hi, I am trying to place Cover Order but getting REJECT status with message "The stop loss trigger price is beyond the allowed range of 10%. Try a price within the range."
Below is the param list I am sending:
'exchange' => 'NSE',
'tradingsymbol' => 'INFRATEL',
'transaction_type' => 'BUY',
'product' => 'MIS',
'order_type' => 'MARKET',
'quantity' => 44,
'disclosed_quantity' => NULL,
'price' => 0.0,
'trigger_price' => 251.85,
'tag' => '123568'
'validity' => 'DAY'
attaching screenshot of the order info from Zerodah.
Can any one suggest what is the issue here?

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