Close in OHLC Data while retrieving data using "getOHLC()" is previous close and not current close


I am retrieving OHLC Data using kiteConnect.getOHLC() and when i randomly checked OHLC data, I see LTP shows the close price which exchange shows on last day. And when I check the close price from OHLC, I see that close price is of previous day of last day.

For ex:
1) JINDALSTEL -> LTP (171.6) and close (173.25) from the API.

NSE Data -> Close on Friday(03-Jan-2020) is 171.6 and close on Thursday(02-Jan-2020) is 173.25.

My only issue here is:
In the OHLC data of the last day, Open,High and Low are from Friday whereas Close is alone from Thursday.
You can atleast rename close in OHLC to previous close.

2nd question
Everyday NSE updates the close Price at 7:00 pm around for cash segment and around 4 I think for futures.
I checked the LTP data from api around 3:45 and I see the ltp in nse is reflected here. But when I see next day morning, I see the close price of nse is reflected in LTP data from api.
Can you let me know at what time around you are getting close price from nse? Thanks in advance.

  • Matti
    Hi Krishna,

    We update the previous close field at 6:30 AM every working day. So, Friday's close would get updated on Monday morning. This is because the close price is used to calculate the percentage change. If someone wants to see what the market did on any given day after markets close, the calculation will need to be done based on the previous day's close. This is why we wait.

    Renaming close to previous close wouldn't really make any difference. 'Close' in OHLC parlance is always close for the previous period.
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