Running multiple strategies in multiple different sessions simultaneously

Is it possible to run different strategies in different sessions(different Python processes) simultaneously? Or is it that the request token in all except one will expire?
  • Kailash
    Once you obtain the access_token, you can use it across multiple instances of your program.
  • giripra
    giripra edited October 2016
    @Kailash, sorry I am not able to get it.... can u please clarify one thing.... by an instance u mean 1 app?

    Suppose I have 2 strategies and want to run it on 2 stocks, what do i do?
    I create an app for each strategy, so that I can execute on 2 different stocks within the same app?
    I create 1 app for Strategy1 for running it on Stock1, second app for Strategy1 -> Stock 2, third app for Strategy2 -> Stock 2 and fourth app for Strategy3 -> Stock2.
  • Kailash
    You can do either 1) or 2). They'll both work.

    Once you obtain an access_token after authentication, you can use it simultaneously until it expires.
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