Announcing pykiteconnect, the official Python client for Kite Connect

Kailash edited January 2016 in Python client
The Github repository is here

The documentation can be found here
  • maravinthkumar
    @Kailash do you plan to include the websocket streamer in the pykiteconnect ?
  • garpitg
    @ Kailash I understand that these are Python api's, a wrapper over rest calls. I see the function "quote" which
    will provide quote of stocks queried . Which will be overhead in case it get called frequently (which will happen) I see a strong need of web sockets here. So, yes my query is any plan to add web sockets to this library ?
  • Kailash
    @garpitg You are correct. WebSockets API is already live and we have the NodeJS, Python, and Java client libraries in the making. They should be out very soon.
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