wants charting values and signals from

Hello team,

is there any way to get current value of any studies given in https://kite.zerodha.com/chart ??
i.e :
1. i wants current value of super trend (7,3) of 15 minutes
2. i wants to generate alert on appearing green or red arrows in super trend or any other studies .

if is there any possibilities with API or by any other method please reply with detailed example and your price details as well...


  • sbdavra
    some more questions on same topic
    1. is there any web-socket stream data available for all studies with signal ?
    2. wants sample code or any format in JAVA

  • Vaga
    @sbdavra if you want to code, you may check this thread . If you are looking to test supertrend or any other indicators based strategy you can check here
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