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I just downloaded full instrument list and I got 66k records. I see that you still provide data for march expiry any reason for that? Is it possible to get data only for specific instrument_type because understanding and discarding from a list of 66k is too much time consuming. Moreover I feel that you should also include the script name along with the symbol in the list for easy identification.
  • Kailash
    Kailash edited April 2016
    Hi, it was a caching anomaly. March contracts are now pruned.

    The list does have a "name" field (only for equities) --

    We'll work on filtering instruments.
  • dhavalp
    Thanks Kailash for the reply. I was looking for the name even in the F&O contract because its very difficult to identify as the name contains the date as well as the name. Might be you can separate both the field these are jstu suggestions based on my experience which you can take into consideration for future.
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