NRML Order rejected with error message "MIS/CO/BO orders blocked". What???

I could not close my existing NRML position as I'm getting this message. "MIS / BO / CO orders are blocked for this instrument (try CNC / NRML) or it has been restricted from trading." If I'm not allowed to be exited from a trade, why is the trade allowed in the first place?
Attached screenshot. I don't know what I need to do to close this position now. I can't do anything...

  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited March 12
    It looks like the rejection message is incorrect(Having this fixed). I believe you were trying to place a market order which is not allow for NIFTYIT contracts due to illiquidity.
  • coolkoti
    yah, had to call help desk to understand the problem was with market order because I was just exiting at current price. Closed with limit order. Thanks for fixing the message.
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