About Open Pending, Validation pending statuses

I wanted to exit Nifty put around 3:10 PM today. The order was submitted using NodeJS and it was not immediately filled. The order went through different statuses OPEN PENDING, VALIDATION PENDING etc. At was good 15-20 seconds where order was not submitted and still showed validation pending.

At that point as put value was increased I wanted to cancel the existing above limit order and place new one. Tried cancelling the order multiple times but order never got cancelled. What is the meaning of validation pending? Is that Zerodha validation or exchange validation? If it is Zerodha validation, why can I not cancel it before it was sent to the exchange? This has frustrated to me in the past as well.

  • RishiS
    Same problem!
  • enliyo
    Also mods, please move this to General category. Didn't realise this was in Python client forum.
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