Issue in RSI calculation on the basis of Historical Data.

sachinstlko09 edited March 2020 in General
Today (19/03/2020), I am calculating RSI indicator value for YESBANK; on the basis of OHLC value . But, it does not match with chart value at timings 09:10 to 09:25 and 10:00 to 10:20; approx.
Can you please confirm the same; is the OHLC value updated?
  • trademaniac
    Could be for several reasons. Does the lookback period match? Is the start timestamp same as that done in Kite. Since RSI calculation takes average of first N values and then does a weighted average of every new incoming value, the start timestamp must be equal for values to match.

    But in general, difference in values should not matter in analysis as long as they are somewhat in the same range, i.e. difference < 2%.
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