Not receiving postbacks

I'm trying Kite Connect for the first time.
I am not receiving any post requests to my Postback URL, when the order is Cancelled or Updated

What I did:
1) Updated Postback URL in App settings (Postback URL: )
2) Placed order through Python client of Kite Connect (Order placed successfully)
3) Canceled order through Python client of Kite Connect (Order canceled successfully) -> No Post request received by Postback URL
4) No Post requests sent to Postback URL even when I cancelled the order placed by Kite Connect api in Zerodha Kite mobile app

Server using for receiving Postbacks: Django
Postback URL is able to receive POST requests when I use to send raw HTTP Post body
Using an SSL certificate issued by Amazon.

Zerodha Client ID: SK2474

Please help me in getting Postbacks
Also in, WebSocket link is throwing 404 error. Can anyone provide a valid link for it?

  • bhavanturaka
    bhavanturaka edited March 2020
    Please find below, the detailed problem after I did some experiments
    I'm able to get REJECTED, COMPLETE, UPDATE message data but not CANCEL message data to Postback URL and also to Websocket on_order_update callback

    Can you please help me find why I'm not receiving CANCEL order postbacks and callbacks?

    By the way, as I mentioned in the above screenshot, the Websocket link is pointing to but the correct URL it should be pointing to is Please correct it.

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